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How to download the Korean version of Pubg KR

Open the application market from your mobile phone and then click on the image of your personal account.

July 18, 2022 17:00 How to download the Korean version of Pubg KR

How to download pubg korean version

In this article, we will learn how to download the Korean version of PUBG, and some important information about it. Where the Korean game is considered one of the games dedicated to having the best fun times. Where the game contains battles similar to real battles.

This game makes you happy to spend a fun and interesting time with your friends, as the game gives you a feeling that you are in a real battle. We present it to you today through the ABC Play website. In addition, this game can be team, or bilateral.

Playing may be done by using a mic for sound, as the mic works to purify the sound strongly.

Definition of the Korean pubg kr game?

The Korean PUBG game is not the only version, but there are many versions, such as:

The Chinese PUBG game, which was directed and marketed in China.

The Korean PUBG game is a game specific to the country of Korea.

The global PUBG game, which is the publisher in the entire Middle East.

Therefore, the Korean Pubg game and the Chinese PUBG game, no individual living in any of the Arab countries and the Middle East in general can afford them, or download them to his phone in traditional ways because they are not directed to this individual.

He cannot follow the method of downloading the Korean version of PUBG as we mentioned in the traditional ways, but he can download it using some external methods.

Some information about the Korean PUBG Mobile 2022 game PUBG MOBILE KR APK:

The name of the game on the store: PUBG MOBILE KR.

Game type: action and movement.

Game price: Free.

Available game size: 7 GB.

Compatibility: Android and iOS phones.

Developer: tencent games.

Its last update: 4/27/2022.

Features of how to download PUBG Korean version:

You can play as a guest without having to log into your account.

It has many more weapons than the global version of PUBG.

This version is considered one of the premium versions, as this version has many free skins that you see at the time of opening the game.

The PUBG game provides you with many gifts unlike the global version.

She has many grenades.

The game has a better speed and stabilizes ping, which is much better than the global version, especially when there are more than one player in the same area.

It has very modern and unique maps.

While opening chests, there is a high chance that you will get a legendary shape.

You can also do a change of lockers.

It also has the advantage of reducing the pressure difference time from 30 seconds to only 20 seconds.

Disadvantages of the Korean PUBG game:

He explained how to download the Korean version of PUBG. We have to mention the most important defects that have been observed about that game.

The disadvantage of the game is its relatively large size, as this requires a large space on the user's phone and this makes him delete some of his files.

The download works with difficulty because this version is not available on the App Store for Android phones. This requires users to resort to unofficial stores to be able to download this game.

The Korean PUBG Mobile game is similar to other versions, as it is a battlefield, which helps to spread violence among all users, especially in cases of loss. So all users must how to difference between the game and reality.

The disadvantage of the Korean PUBG Mobile game is that it is not supported in many languages, as this version may be available in only two languages, Korean and English.

It also does not support the Arabic language, which affects its availability in the entire Arab world, which causes the inability of users in Arab countries to use this game correctly.

How to download PUBG Korean version on iPhone:

Open the application market from your mobile phone and then click on the image of your personal account.

Go to the account menu and click on the country and region box.

Then you have to select the Korean country through the list of countries that appears on the phone screen.

You have to agree to all the terms of use and then put all the information related to the residential area and the street.

Select Busan and type its zip code 011-600 in the appropriate field.

Click Done to complete and then get ready to launch the market.

Then you search for the PUBG game by typing the name of the game in the search bar in order to reach the Korean PUBG.

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