Pou for Android

Pou for Android

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You would have to be damn demanding to find fault with this application. Behind his childish looks, Pou delivers a perfectionist and well-thought-out result, in order to make the experience of this Pet Game as pleasant as possible for the user. Therefore, it is not surprising that the success of this app has not run out of steam for almost 10 years. Congratulations, well deserved.

Why play Pou?

Pou is a Pet Game in which you take care of a character in the shape of a potato - Pou - in order to ensure his vital needs and see him evolve. The app has been very successful and has been downloaded over 500 million times on the Google Play Store.

Take care of your Pou

Pou is a virtual pet with an endearing face. For your character to be fulfilled, you must feed him, let him sleep, play with him or even give him a shower.

Regularly check the filling of the "food", "health", "mood" and "energy" bars to make sure that nothing is missing. If one of them drops, it's up to you to bring it back up, for example by giving it a snack or letting it sleep for a few minutes. A little advice: don't hesitate to give him a treat, he loves it! 

Take your Pou to any room in the house: bathroom, bedroom, playroom, kitchen, living room… and even to the garden, where he can get some fresh air and take care of his plants. 

Various mini-games 

The application integrates many mini-games, with often minimalist but no less entertaining gameplay. The developers were inspired by many games that made the success of the Mobile Game, such as Candy Crush or memory games. And as much to say that these "copies" integrated into Pou have nothing to envy to the originals. The games are fluid and the graphics finely crafted, for a pleasing end result

Each mini-game also allows you to collect coins, with which you can give your Pou all kinds of things: clothes, food, toys, soaps... and even potions to quickly give him a boost. . 

Evolve your Pou 

The real interest of this application is to see your Pou grow and evolve. The evolution of your character is measured in levels, like for Pokémon. 

Until level 20, Pou is a baby. He then becomes an adult. 

The more you advance, the more you can customize your character, whether through varied clothing or original physical additions. The idea is to make your Pou unique. Buy him a hat, glasses, shoes, or add a mustache, beard, eyelashes, lipstick, wig… the possibilities are endless!

If you are the impatient type, nothing prevents you from taking out the credit card in order to unlock items more quickly. But these purchases are optional and are far from penalizing players who prefer to do without them! 

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